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Alfi Bread Scorers, USA Made Knives

Ever wonder why artisan-quality bread and baguettes have those elegant slash marks on the top? Artisan bakers make those slashes so that the bread can rise properly in the oven for optimal beauty, texture and tastiness. Scoring bread used to be only for artisan bakers with a long learning-curve of specialized training on an expensive, bulky, obsolete tool called a french lame. Even artisan bakers found themselves and their employees wasting valuable time and dough due to imperfect scoring.

The patented original, USA made knives, Alfi Breadscorer and Alfi E-Z Cutter solved this problem once and for all with a cost-effective bit of American ingenuity that requires zero training to get the perfect score every time, effortlessly. No more wasted dough. No more wasted time. No more costly training. No drag. No tearing. Artisan quality, unbeatable efficiency.

Best of all, theyíre so inexpensive that itís easier to just buy a replacement than to sharpen. Thatís why we sell these bread scorers in packs! And as an added bonus, these blades can pull double duty as box and package openers that will never damage the contents of your corrugated box, which makes them popular for opening boxes full of bags of chips.

At Alfi, we are proud of our inventive, practical, high-performance products. We strive to provide only the highest quality kitchen and baking tools to our customers. Whether you are an artisan baker or someone who likes to bake for the family, Alfiís scorers are your perfect accessory for baking beautiful artisan-quality breads and making it look easy. Feel free to call us or send us an email in case you have any questions about any of our products. We are always happy to assist!

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