Our policy here is ridiculously simple: whatever the reason, if you are less than satisfied with your order, let us know and we will make it right.

The world of cooking and hospitality requires a spirit of generosity and attentiveness in order to thrive and this has always been the basis for our product guarantee and customer service. Our honor and reputation as a company is golden to us and we treat it as such.

We make and distribute the longest-lasting, highest-performance professional grade products. Some of these products are luxury goods with lifetime guarantees, and other products are workhorses designed to serve their purpose longer and more cost-effectively than any product around, before being replaced. In any case, we guarantee against any defects in worksmanship.

We guarantee that your phone calls will always be immediately answered by a real human being intent on earning your satisfaction. We don't want you to have anything from us that you're not completely happy with, so give us a call and a chance to earn your satisfaction.