Wow! Thank you! That is marvelous customer service, very rare indeed!
Great products, too. Again, thanks!

Best wishes,

Dennis B.

[Then we asked the customer for permission to post his email and he replied as follows]

Sure, you can certainly use it. After dealing with scores ... probably
hundreds ... of online companies, the only other company I've found
with similar customer service was Dyson. Good equipment and, if
something isn't right, they fix it. Just like you.

Again, thank you!

Dennis B.


I use your knife daily, with immense pleasure - so much so that I store it where my husband is not tempted to "borrow" it for use outside the kitchen; it is hidden from direct view, and if something is not directly in front of his face he, like many - if not most - men, cannot find it. So it has become "my" knife.

Recently I have used it for something new, something I'd never found a knife to do easily before: cutting the tops off raw artichoke leaves. (If you are wondering why one would bother doing that, it is simply so that each artichoke takes less room in the steamer.) Your knife cut through these tough leaves almost as if it was sliding through butter. (Well, not quite, but infinitely more easily than any I'd ever used previously.)

-Yvonne L.

Paris, France


This is the best knife I have ever had. It cuts through a steak like its cutting through warm butter.

J. Crowell


Thank to Alfi I finally a very hard to find knife at the last minute for my husband...he had a single slot left in his henckels block. Thanks to Alfi it made our Christmas COMPLETE in more ways than one!

Thanks again,

Have a great day!



I would to thank you for this very sharp knife, it is wonderful, especially cutting tomatoes.



Just a quick note to thank you for sending my Cuisinart Pizzelle Press so promply. Now, my family will have their 'traditional' favorite cookie for the XMas holidays!

Linda D.

Oct. 7th, 2011

Dear Alfi,

I just received your package. Thank you so much for the amazing service I received. These items are wonderful and I will enjoy them for many years. You went beyond anything I ever expected.

Thank you again and have a great day!



Review by Eddie Davis.....

I am an avid cook and have purchased or received as gifts many knives of different shapes and sizes. From professional very expensive sets including stainless steel to advanced ceramic blades. I use my blades almost daily. I was sent an Alfi knife as a gift.

I rarely write reviews but this is one of the sharpest knives in my drawer. It has held up to whatever I throw on the cutting board so far. I will be ordering more of these to add to my collection. They have performed as well as knives 5 times their price. Try one like I did and you'll order more too.......promise.

Eddie Davis


To Whom It May Concern at ALFI International,

I just wanted to take a moment to write you a letter thanking you for such wonderful products and customer service. Like most other people with busy lives, I find shopping online to be much easier, however finding quality service and products can be a bit challenging. I try to avoid the whole cycle of buying and returning, so I usually research a product very well, then research the companies that provide the products, then shop around for the best deal.

A few years ago I had purchased some high quality kitchen products from a gourmet kitchen store. I loved the products, but then the store where I purchased them decided to go with a different brand. I shopped for months online trying to find these items. Eventually, I stumbled upon your web site and decided to take a chance on your company so I placed my order.

I was immediately struck by the pleasant and helpful attitude of the customer service representative. She was knowledgeable, offered insight into the care and use of the products, offered suggestions of alternative products which may have been a better value, without trying to sell me another product. I completed my purchase and was pleasantly surprised at my savings and was even more surprised when the product arrived so quickly and carefully packaged!!!

A few months went buy and I found a need to purchase multiple gifts for a wedding, 2 birthdays and Christmas gifts all occurring around the same time. Again, I found the staff to be helpful, knowledgeable and offering great suggestions. The gifts were a delight to all recipients.

Then, tragedy struck; during a move across country, our computer was damaged beyond repair and my ledger of important names and numbers was completely lost! I could not remember the name of your company! As I said before I had stumbled upon it by accident, not so lucky later! I was so upset, I could not find your company. One day while browsing web sites online, I happened up on you again. I was so thrilled! I placed my order and again received the best customer support and the most wonderful courtesy phone calls and follow-up emails. I know of no other company who goes as far to satisfy their customers. This instills a strong sense of loyalty in those of us who shop online. I am a very loyal ALFI INTERNATIONAL customer. I have since placed more orders and always receive the same personal attention, best customer support, quality products at very reasonable prices.

It is such a pleasure to do business with such an honorable, outstanding company. I will continue to make your company my first choice with online shopping.

Thank you,

Annette Campbell