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Henckels 7 PC Twin Signature Block Set

This affordable Twin Signature Block Set from Henckels is a great way to start your kitchen cutlery collection or makes a great gift for the beginning chef. It has all your basic cutlery pieces. Set includes:

  • 4" Paring Knife (JA30720102
  • 5" Serrated/Utility Knife (JA30720132)
  • 8" Chef's Knife (JA30721162)
  • 8" Carving Knife (JA30720202)
  • Sharpening Steel (JA32576230)
  • Kitchen Shears (JA41371000)
  • Hardwood Block (JA35100926)

Our Price: $99.99
7pc F. Dick Garnish Set

This superb Garnish Set by Friedr. Dick includes:

  • 4" Potato Peeler
  • 4" Spatula, Offset Blade
  • Parisienne Scoop 3/8"
  • Parisienne Scoop, Double 7/8" & 1"
  • 4" Apple Corer
  • 1 5/8" Lemon Grater
  • 2" Peeling Knife

    This Garnish Set makes a great gift for yourself or someone special!

    Our Price: $114.90
  • 7pc Henckels 4 Star Block Set

    Serious knives for serious chefs, Henckels' Four Star Line features a stain and rust-resistant high-carbon, stainless-steel blade that's ice-hardened for a super-sharp edge. A polypropylene handle is triple riveted for comfort and bonded securely to the tang for exceptional balance.

    Our Price: $229.99
    Vintage 7pc Henckels Professional S Block Set

    Designed for years of excellent performance, Henckels' Pro S Line features a high-carbon, no-stain steel blade that's ice-hardened for long-lasting sharpness. A heavy bolster and full tang ensure proper balance and weight.

    Our Price: $249.99
    7pc. Wusthof Classic Block Set

    This 7 piece Classic Cutlery Set from Wusthof Includes:

  • 3.5-in. Paring Knife 
  • 6-in. Sandwich Knife 
  • 8-in. Bread Knife 
  • 8-in. Chef's Knife 
  • Kitchen Shears 
  • 9-in. Sharpening Steel 
  • Oak Knife Block with Space for 9 items 
  • Our Price: $299.99
    7 PC Henckels 5 Star Block Set

    This beautiful 9-Piece Block Set from J.A. Henckels Five Star Line includes the essential tools for the multi-purpose kitchen.

    Our Price: $350.99
    7pc F. Dick Chef's Set in Roll Bag

    The most essential tools for the chef on the go, this Chef's Set in a roll bag from Friedr. Dick includes:

  • 3.5"Paring Knife (9 cm)
  • 6"Meat Fork (15 cm)
  • 5"Boning Knife (13 cm)
  • 10"Chef's Knife (26 cm)

    The roll bag also comes with two additional extra pockets. This is a terrific gift idea for yourself or someone special!

    Our Price: $407.70
  • All-Clad® 7 Piece Copper-Core Stainless Cookware Set, cookware made in USA All-Clad® 7 Piece Copper-Core Stainless Cookware Set

    Copper Core combines the ideal benefits of copper heat conduction with the cleaning ease of stainless steel. Because this formula is a carefully-guarded All-Clad innovation, no other cookware in the world can match the performance standards of its unique bonded design.

    Our Price: $829.99
    Henckels Twin Select 7PC Block Set

    From our private stock vaults: extremely rare, discontinued, ultra premium line of Henckels knives, with gorgeous, sleek, ergonomic unibody steel handle. Each knife features full-tang construction using Henckel's exclusive Sintermetal Component Technology, which combines optimum alloys to each of the three distinctive parts of the knife; blade, tang and bolster. Only a few remaining. Brand new factory sealed, like opening up a time capsule. Set comes with:

  • 4" Parer/Utility
  • 6" Utility/Sandwich Knife
  • 8" Carving Knife
  • 8" Chef's Knife
  • 8" Bread Knife
  • Sharpening Steel
  • Twin Select Block
  • Instructional Knife Skills Video
  • SPECIAL: and Twin Select Peeler

    This is the ultimate high-performance knife set for a modern kitchen.
  • Our Price: $879.00