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Alfi® E-Z Cutter™ Versatile Cutting & Scoring Tool, Made in California, USA Made Alfi® E-Z Cutter™ Versatile Cutting & Scoring Tool

The E-Z Cutter™, new from ALFI, is the perfect tool for all those hard to open packages like CD's, DVD's, Clam Shell Packages, Pill Bottles, Cardboard Boxes, you name it! The stainless steel blade is razor sharp. The E-Z Cutter™ also makes the perfect bread scorer for pros and home makers. The blade's special coating practically eliminates pulling or dragging of the dough!

Our Price: $3.00
Tomato Shark 2PK Tomato Shark 2PK

This tomato shark is extremely sharp and will scoop out the roots in one swipe.

Our Price: $3.99
ALFI Knives Single Pack ALFI Knives Single Pack

Versatile kitchen knife great for slicing, cutting, dicing and spreads - these highly adaptable knives are equally at home in the garden or garage. Its high-quality serrated blade makes it ideal for a wide variety of kitchen and outdoor tasks. Perfect for slicing sandwiches, fruits, meats, fish, breads and cakes, trimming rose bushes, opening boxes and bags, you name it! Extremely sharp and long lasting, yet so affordable, it's more economical to replace this knife than to sharpen it.

Our Price: $4.95
Leatherman Wave Leather Sheath Leatherman Wave Leather Sheath

Protect your Leatherman wave with this durable leather sheath made by Leatherman.

Our Price: $6.00
OXO Good Grips Corer OXO Good Grips Corer

With OXO’s Corer it is easy to make delicious baked apples and perfect apple rings. The stainless steel Corer glides easily though an apple or pear to remove the core cleanly, and the core is easily removed from the tool with a simple shake. A soft handle absorbs pressure so your hands don’t have to.

  • Stainless steel head
  • Core is easily removed from tool
  • Dishwasher safe

Our Price: $6.00
ALFI Bread Scorer 2 Pack, USA made knives ALFI Bread Scorer 2 Pack

The patented ALFI® BreadScorer is an outstanding baker’s tool that effortlessly and consistently ensures the proper rising of the dough in the oven.

Our Price: $6.12
4" F. Dick Wavy Utility Knife 4" F. Dick Wavy Utility Knife

A must-have in any kitchen, you'll find plenty of uses for this Stamped Wavy Edge Rounded Tip Utility Knife by Friedr. Dick. Perfect for most kitchen tasks, this household knife is lightweight and easy to use.

Blade length is 4" (11 cm)

Our Price: $6.30
2" F. Dick Peeling Knife 2" F. Dick Peeling Knife

Ideal for fruits and vegetables, this Stamped Peeling Knife by Friedr. Dick is perfect for your small peeling jobs. This household knife is lightweight and easy to use.

Blade length is 2" (5 cm)

Our Price: $6.35
Foodie 6-in-1 Kitchen Tool Foodie 6-in-1 Kitchen Tool

Multi-functional whisk/ pair of tongs.

This 6-in-1 utensil replaces:

  • Tongs
  • Whisk
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Spatula
  • Salad Server
  • Pasta Fork

This utensil is dishwasher safe and has a white plastic handle. The wires are made of 18/10 Stainless steel wire.

Made in Greece

Our Price: $6.99
Zyliss Swivel Peeler Zyliss Swivel Peeler

The Zyliss Swivel Peeler is ergonomically designed for extreme comfort. The series of carefully engineered parts come together in the final tool. The comfortable, contoured, non-slip handle is combined with a very sharp, hardened steel blade that does not dull. An important engineering addition--a metal tip to remove potato eyes quickly and efficiently--completes the peeler design.

Our Price: $6.99
4" F. Dick Paring Knife 4" F. Dick Paring Knife

For your smallest of paring jobs, look no further than this Stamped Paring Knife by Friedr. Dick. Especially great on fruits and vegetables, this household knife is lightweight and easy to use.

Blade length is 4" (11 cm)

Our Price: $7.00
OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler

Create culinary sensations with the OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler. With OXO's Julienne Peeler you can quickly and safely make garnishes, salad toppings, Asian dishes, citrus zest and more. Apply the sharp, stainless steel blade to firm fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes, apples or citrus fruit. When you begin to peel the fruit or vegetable, perfect julienne strips are cut. The soft, non-slip handle is contoured to accommodate both a regular and a choked-up grip for more control. The clear safety cover flips out of the way while you peel, but locks back into place as a protective cover during storage.

  • Sharp, stainless steel blade
  • easily creates julienne strips
  • Clear, flip-top safety cover
  • Contoured handle accommodates all grips
  • Soft, non-slip handle
  • Dishwasher safe

Our Price: $7.00
OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel OXO Good Grips Pizza Wheel

Slicing pizza is easy with our sharp, stainless steel Pizza Wheel. A thumb guard keeps fingers away from the blade for added safety, and a soft handle absorbs pressure while you slice up your favorite pizza. Try using our Pizza Wheel to cut strips of dough for a lattice-topped pie!

  • Sharp stainless steel blade
  • Soft handle
  • Built-in thumb guard
  • Dishwasher safe

Our Price: $7.00
Oxo Good Grips Apple Divider Oxo Good Grips Apple Divider

Core and slice apples and pears with ease with the OXO GOOD GRIPS Apple Divider. Soft, wide handles take the pressure off your hands, and sharp, stainless steel blades glide easily through fruit and yield perfect slices. The handles are raised to assure ample clearance between your hands and the table. The OXO GOOD GRIPS Apple Divider is perfect for pies, cobbler, or preparing a simple snack.

  • Cores and slices fruit
  • Sharp, stainless steel blades make perfect slices
  • Soft, cushioned handles for comfort
  • Dishwasher safe

Our Price: $7.00
OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife

Working through a bushel of oysters is easy with the OXO GOOD GRIPS Oyster Knife. Its soft handle is shaped to nestle comfortably in your hand, and won’t slip as the sturdy, stainless steel blade with bent tip penetrates and pries open even the toughest shells.

  • Sturdy stainless steel blade
  • A bent tip makes prying open oyster shells easier
  • Soft, comfortable handle won’t slip in your hand, even when wet
  • Dishwasher safe

Our Price: $7.00