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Alfi offers the best knives Made in USA and carries an array of the world's finest kitchen cutlery as well. Discover the precision and ultimate high-performance of our Alfi knives, from professional-grade knife sets to kitchen utility knives to bread knives and sandwich knives that are essential for preparing everyday meals. Find the renowned top-rated chef knives from both ancient Western & Eastern blade-making traditions, as well as the astonishingly sharp, long-lasting, high-performance, American-made kitchen cutlery that cannot be beat for everyday use at home and the professional foodservice operation alike.

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5.5" F. Dick Scandinavian Boning Knife 5.5" Henckels 4 Star Flex Boning 2pc F.Dick Carving Set Stamped
This Scandinavain Style Boning Knife from Friedr. Dick's Ergogrip Line has a upward curved blade.

This knife has a hygienic, seamless connection of steel blade and plastic handle. It has an extra wide thumb rest, which provides safety, and a non-slip handle, no abrasion, ergonomic design.

Blade length is 5.5" (14 cm)
Boning meet and poultry is fast and easy with this flexible, professional-quality Boning Knife, from J.A Henckel's Four Star Line. Forged from high-carbon stainless-steel and ice-hardened for a sharper, more long-lasting edge. Polypropylene handle, full tang and a unique bolster ensure exceptional balance and comfort. Dishwasher safe.

Blade length is 5.5" inches.

You'll be sure to impress your dinner guests with this beautiful Friedr. Dick 2-piece Stamped Carving set. It comes with:

  • 5.5" Meat Fork (14 cm)

  • 6" Kitchen Knife (16 cm)

    This makes a great gift for yourself or someone special.
  • American made pocket knives, Leatherman Crunch 3pc F.Dick Carving Set Stamped F. Dick Chef's Set "Manhattan"
    Leatherman Crunch
    Our Price: $102.00
    Crunch is a new kind of Leatherman made for the most demanding professional or do-it-yourselfer. It is the only folding tool on the market that offers locking pliers. All interior blades lock as well. Each opens individually, locks positively in place, and is unlocked by a push-button mechanism. Crunch is full of surprises, like jaws that open to clamp on 1" diameter pipe and a 1/4" hex bit adapter built right into the end of one handle. And it all comes in a six-ounce tool that folds down to the same length as Leatherman's original PST. You'll take pleasure in carving that holiday turkey, ham or roast, with this exquisite Friedr. Dick, 3-Piece Stamped Carving Set. It comes with:

  • 5.5" Meat Fork (14 cm)

  • 8" Slicer (20 cm)

  • 8" Sharpening Steel (20 cm)

    This makes a great gift for yourself or someone special.
  • A first-class choice of professional chefs on the go, this Friedr.
    Dick "Manhattan" Chef's Set includes:

  • 8"Chef's Knife (21 cm)
  • 10"Pastry Knife (26 cm)
  • 8"Slicer (21 cm)
  • 10"Slicer (26 cm)
  • 9"Spatula (23 cm)
  • Magnet Bar
  • Potato Peeler
  • Apple Corer
  • Lemon Decorator
  • Lemon Grater
  • 4"Kitchen Knife (10 cm)
  • 2.5"Peeling Knife (6 cm)
  • Parisian Scoop
  • 4"Decorating Knife (10 cm)
  • 5.5" Fork (14 cm)
  • 6" Boning Knife (15 cm)
  • 10"Sharpening Steel (25 cm)

    A perfect gift idea for the serious chef or a great way to complete your personal collection. Take your Chef's set with you in the convenient carring/storage case included in this set.